Planning your shoot begins with a complimentary, fun consultation where we help you decide your hair and makeup look and wardrobe. Our hair and makeup artists will be given this information and will be ready to create your dream look for you the morning of your shoot! You'll get to see our shooting area, backgrounds and props as well as the high-quality albums, prints and wall art that we offer. You'll have the chance to try on and purchase lingerie from our selection of high quality, beautiful pieces available in sizes from XS to 5X. We have beautiful panties and bras that are not only gorgeous enough for your photo shoot, but comfortable and flattering enough to wear every day! If you haven't been professionally bra-fitted, you are truly missing out, so make that a part of your consultation! At the end of your consultation, we will find the perfect date for your shoot and reserve that day just for you upon payment of your retainer.





Our shoots include professional hair and makeup - not because you need that to help you look better but because boudoir photography requires makeup that differs from every day or regular photography. Together, we will decide what style of hair and makeup you want during your consultation and our artists will be ready! They are experienced at making your hair and makeup work wonderfully with the type of lighting, posing, and retouching we use. This is also a very relaxing time when you will sip champagne or another beverage and enjoy a special treat that you chose ahead of time at your consultation. Trust us, this will make you feel totally pampered and beautiful and that will shine during your shoot! You don't need to lose weight or work out - you just need 2 boudoir chicks -the hair, makeup, lingerie, posing and boudoir photography experts! 


A boudoir shoot doesn't necessarily mean lingerie - but lingerie sure is fun! Feel free to wear a big man's sweatshirt that hangs off one shoulder, or one of his work shirts and ties! If you'd like a lacy something or maybe a gorgeous bra and panty set that fits perfectly and is comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis, see Allison - she's the bra-fitting expert and will help you find EXACTLY what you need! Whether you want to accentuate a smaller bust or find a bra with great support that actually looks sexy and feels comfortable, she has you covered in sizes from 34A to 46H. 

I'm not a Lingerie type of girl. Can I still do a boudoir shoot?

Yes! A boudoir shoot can be done wearing a sexy dress, robe, man's shirt, sports jersey, etc! We will pick the perfect outfits for your shoot at your consultation.

How many outfits can I wear during my shoot?

During your shoot you will be able to wear up to three outfits.

Will I be allowed to take pictures with my cell phone at the shoot?

Cell phone pics just don't show how wonderful your pictures will turn out. Pictures of a computer screen are often grainy and we want you to see and show off your pictures at their absolute best!

What if I don't like my pictures?

After photographing hundreds of women through the years, I am confident you will love the finished product. However, if you do not, you may opt out of purchasing the photos.

What if we forget my appointment or don't show up?

We will remind you of your appointment 48 hours before. If you must reschedule, do so at least 48 hours before your appointment time to avoid forfeiting your non-refundable retainer.

What if I'm not comfortable spending that much on myself?

We understand and know that in the future you will look back at the purchase of your photos as one of the best choices you've ever made, and that's why we offer special discounts as well as an easy, no-interest payment plan.

Will you put my photos online or on display in the studio?

NEVER without your written permission. If you'd be happy for us to share your images online, we will give you a special discount! But if you want to keep them 100% private, that's OK too! If you don't want your images posted online but give us permission to display them in the studio, we will give you a special discount for that, too!

What if i'm not ready to order the day of my session? Can I come back at another time to place my order?

Due to the large size of our files, we are unable to store un-purchased files. You will need to schedule your shoot for a day when you will be prepared to view and purchase your images.

Can I bring someone to my shoot with me?

Due to limited space in the studio we ask that you do not bring others with you; if you feel it is necessary to bring someone, please let us know at your consultation.

Will I be able to order pictures from my shoot at a later date?

No, any images not purchased at your same day ordering session will be deleted due to storage constraints.

What if I want a product that you don't offer?

We can create anything you would like (that is compatible with that size digital file).


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